Inclusion & Respect


How does our characteristic spirit manifest?


The welcoming of and inclusion of all children in the catchment area, all parents and all teachers: Truly inclusive, respectful, welcoming, supportive school community.


Entry to the school on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVED basis of the children within the catchment area. Truly community based.


No section 37 exemption.

Teachers will have the same rights as any other professional does, under the Employment Laws.


We will instead teach ethics and life skills. Everybody will be able to take all the same classes together. No divisions or differences among the children – everyone welcomed and everyone treated the same.

[There is a New South Wales model for the teaching of ethics to primary school children. To give you an idea of what’s involved, here is the link to their curriculum, even though it won’t be their curriculum we’ll be using, since we’re not Australia based.]

In terms of Life Skills, we perceive the teaching of emotional intelligence skills (Social Emotional Literacy) as hugely important – emotional intelligence being the ability to manage feelings and express them appropriately and effectively, thus enabling people to work together.

There is an enormous amount of research which indicates that these are hugely valuable skills in life (and later on, in one’s career). We are very supportive of both the “Stay Safe” and the “Walk Tall” programmes for primary school children, in this respect, also.

We are open to any other curricula which provide the children with life skills, Social Emotional Literacy or experiences that would be of benefit to them.


Therefore, no need for exemptions for students from different faith traditions or those of no faith (and attendant supervision issues).

No sectarian ethos imbuing the school day and classes/subjects.


Therefore, able to fulfil the Department of Education’s commitment to integrating all subjects/sports/activities and make them available to all children of both sexes, equally.


Uniform is a great leveller from a socio-economic perspective: It promotes inclusion. It also gives the students a strong sense of identity, belonging and pride in their school. It is our intention to choose standard colours, available in all the big multiples for the standard clothing items (e.g. navy slacks, navy v- neck jumper and white shirt for girls or boys; girls also have the option of navy pinafore, white shirt and navy cardigan, if they so wish; A clip-on tie (for the little children) with the school colours – these will vary for each school as they will be influenced by the local colours - will be available from the school at a nominal charge: preliminary investigations suggest a price of approx. €2 per tie.) We may consider a traditional tie, with the same colours, for older students, in due course.

NO LOGOS: In terms of sports-wear, again there will simply be a colour picked, which will be available inexpensively from the large multiples (e.g. blue tracksuit bottoms and white t-shirt, white trainers). Crucially, in the spirit of inclusion, logos will be banned from all sports-wear, including trainers.

We believe in equality, diversity, belonging, a strong sense of community and inclusion for the pupils, parents and teachers alike who will comprise our school community.