What is secular primary school education?

Secular Education is everything other than religious education. In fact, if you look at the old “Rules for National Schools”, you will find them divided into two sections – religious education (faith formation) and secular education, referring to everything else – Maths, English, Irish, P.E. etc.

We teach the standard national curriculum in everything else but we simply do not teach religion during the school day.

Are you the same as multi-denominational schools?

No. We’re not. Religious/faith schools teach faith formation during the school day (as do community national schools).

Multi-denominational schools teach “about religion” during the school day.

Secular schools simply do not teach religion, at all, during the school day. The United Nations has specifically criticised Ireland’s lack of access to secular State-funded education and has expressly stated that multi-denominational schools are not the same as secular schools.

Why might secular primary school education be right for my child?

There are a wide variety of reasons that attending a secular school might be a good fit for your child and/or your family:

Perhaps you are interested in the co-educational aspect – you’d like your sons and daughters to attend the same school; It is current Department of Education policy that all new primary schools now opening must be co-educational. New schools open with an intake of junior infants only.

Perhaps you are not religious and don’t want a religious education for your child;

Perhaps you and your partner/spouse are from different faith backgrounds and wish to address the issue of faith education, in your own home.

Perhaps you are a member of a different religion to the denomination of your local State-funded school.

Perhaps you prefer a separation of church and state…and prefer to address the matter of faith, as a private matter in your own home.

What will you be teaching instead of religion?

Ethics; Social & Emotional Literacy skills, like empathy;

Will the children wear uniforms?

Yes. Inexpensive uniforms. They’re socially inclusive.

Will the children address the teachers formally?


Is SSI opposed to religion?

No. In a word. We just don’t teach it.

Why are you set up as a company?

The Department of Education requires all new prospective patron bodies who are not a Religious Order to be formed as a company under guarantee. Our company number is 559073.